3D Puzzle Extravagana

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We have the same household struggle that most people with young children have - getting them to make things with their hands, spend time outside, get away from screen! Sound familiar! 

The problem in our busy, busy lives is that as adults, we also don't stop to smell the roses anymore and move from one necessary exercise to the next. 

On the bright side, we have found these wonderful puzzles which have the makings of great fun in each box. 3D puzzles have been around for decades but they can be quite daunting, if you haven't done one before. The seem to be complex in their make up because they stand proud and look so beautiful, but I can tell you that with a little patience, time and teamwork, they are great fun and not too difficult at all.

The "roll on" effect was getting everyone thinking about how we were going to show everyone our handiwork which brought on the production of this little video (look out for the capture of the little Hollywood scene in the background!)

 3D Puzzle Production